3 Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasms

doggie styleSex, which can sometimes be a taboo topic, is actually a topic that many people have questions about. If you’re a man who likes to please your woman in the bedroom, then your wife or girlfriend is likely very grateful. If your significant other has been having a difficult time achieving orgasm, then you should rest assured that it isn’t you.

For many women, reaching orgasm can be quite a challenge, so you shouldn’t take it personally is she’s experiencing difficulty. If you’re determined to help her reach orgasm, then there are certain sex positions that guarantee orgasms.

Clitoral orgasms

This type of orgasm is what most couples think of when they think about orgasms, as it is the most common kind. Clitoral orgasms are achieved through direct stimulation of the penis against the clitoris during lovemaking. Since the clitoris contains an abundance of highly sensitive nerve endings, it’s your girl’s key to waves of pleasure.

G-spot orgasms

Your girl’s G-spot is located between 1″ and 3″ along the upper portion of her vagina. By stimulating this area, you can encourage a mind-blowing orgasm that could cause her to “ejaculate.” This type of orgasm can be achieved without direct clitoral stimulation, since the clitoris is not involved.

Here are some of the best positions for either G-spot or clitoral orgasms:

Woman on top

woman on top sex positionThis position is perfect for encouraging a clitoral orgasm. It enables your girl to take control of the movement of her body, increasing her chances of having an orgasm. Some aspects of this position that can contribute to her having an orgasm are first of all, the two of you will be facing each other, which allows kissing, fondling and breast stimulation simultaneously.

Secondly, with your girl on top of you, every time you move your penis, it will provide the necessary direct stimulation to her clitoris, making orgasm very likely.

Missionary style — with a twist —

missionary style with pillow under her buttJust about everyone had made love in the missionary position. It’s the oldest, most popular position around. You and your girl are almost certain to have made love using this position in the past, but here is the twist to add that can make the difference between her reaching orgasm or not: place a pillow under her butt.

What does the pillow do?  The pillow enables your girl to lift her butt and bring her legs back as far as possible. This allows for deeper penetration, which can be a plus for both of you.

Not only will this modified missionary position increase her chances of experiencing a G-spot orgasm, but the ability to move more deeply inside her will greatly increase your own pleasure.

If your girl simply wants to learn how to achieve a clitoral orgasm, then the missionary position can work, as well, although you will not need the pillow. Making love in the missionary position, as long as your body is properly aligned on top of hers, will allow your body to rub directly against her clitoris. This provides the right amount of friction that she needs in order to orgasm.

It’s important to communicate during lovemaking, so you should ask her if you’re “hitting the spot” (not her G-spot,) but her clitoris. Once she informs you that you’re in the right area, just continue what you’re doing and she should soon climax.

You might even have the ability to encourage your girl to experience both a clitoral and G-spot orgasm either simultaneously or back to back by using the missionary position. You might want to utilize the pillow again and position both your bodies so that you’re able to perform deep thrusts while stimulating her clitoral hood at the same time.

It might take some practice, but the two of you should have fun trying to reach this goal together.

Modified doggy-style

While the traditional doggy-style position can be fun for you and your girl, it’s one of the poorest positions for encouraging orgasm in a woman. First of all, the two of you are not facing each other, so kissing, touching and breast stimulation are impossible. Secondly, there is no way for you to provide stimulation to her G-spot or clitoris while you’re both on your hands and knees. However, if you modify this popular position somewhat, then you can possibly help her to reach orgasm.

doggy styleYou can modify the traditional doggy-style position by having your girl lie down on the bed, on her stomach. You can either lie on top of her or above her in a push-up position. Have her lift her buttocks slightly to make entry easier. This position enables not only more direct stimulation from your bodies, raising the chances that she will orgasm, but her clitoral area will also be rubbing against the bed, which can provide additional stimulation to help her orgasm more easily.

So if your girl has been experiencing difficulty achieving orgasm, the ultimate pleasure during lovemaking, then you might want to try out some of these positions to help her reach new heights. If one position is unsuccessful, then don’t hesitate to try some other choices. You will be amazed at how effective simply making love in a certain position can be.

If for some reason you’ve tried them all yet your woman has still failed to orgasm, then you might want to apply some extra lubrication like KY Jelly. Studies show that increased lubrication can create an environment more conducive to female orgasms, especially if her body doesn’t produce a substantial amount naturally.

If you are still not having any luck, then you should keep trying the positions. Make foreplay last longer, too, because it can take some women longer to really get into lovemaking before she can even think about having an orgasm. Once you and your partner figure out the magic position, and you will with practice, she will wonder why you hadn’t tried that position sooner. The two of you will likely grow closer and have a much more enjoyable sex life.

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