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13 Tips & Tricks For Successful Speed Dating

The world is a busy place and most people invariably find quality time for their personal wants and needs. If you’re one such busy person keen to spice up your love life, speed dating is your life jacket. Speed dating is

10 Tips On How To Date Younger Women

Dating can be complicated if you decide to take a different approach than you did in the past.  Your interests or lifestyle may have changed, and you are thinking about dating someone younger than yourself. Whether you are looking for women

7 First Date Ideas You Really Should Avoid!

When you are planning a first date, there are a variety of things that you can do. The ideas are endless. However, it is important that you can decipher between what would be a good first date, and what would be

3 Kiss Closing Techniques Every Man Needs To Know

I know what you’re thinking – kissing is a no-brainer in seduction. After all, that’s the first thing you learn in the art and science of sexual attraction. Kissing is so familiar, so common that you probably hardly think about what

33 Fun First Date Ideas In The Winter

Going on that crucial first date in the heart of winter? Sometimes, it seems like there are endless fun date options in the summer, but there’s nothing at all to do in the winter. Don’t let the cold ruin your date

How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook

The first thing to know about picking up girls online is that everyone does it so relax and don’t feel self conscious at all. Actors, actresses, politicians, teenagers, middle-aged car salesmen. It’s like smiling at the pretty girl behind a department

How To Make Her Want You

If you are like most of us gentleman out there, you are likely thinking that changing a beautiful lady’s mind about you is virtually impossible. A prime example of this is what I like to call the night club approach: essentially,

Is It Okay To Be Friends With Your Ex?

Many people wonder if it is it okay to be friends with your ex. My short answer is typically no, but as they say every rule has its exception, as the answer to this age-old question heavily depends on preconceived expectations

How Giving Women Too Much Attention Can Backfire

In the past, men were often advised to court women, and shower the ladies with attention, affection, and gifts. While this approach may have been useful in the distant past, it is not valid in today’s dating world. In fact, there

How To Attract Any Woman You Want

You can attract any woman you want if you know this killer secret. I call this secret the “relationship potential” and it works like a charm. Before I give you the details of these instant attraction triggers, I have to tell