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Why You Suck At Tinder: Part I

I hear a lot of guys complain that Tinder is to difficult for the average guy. Guess what? It isn’t – you just suck at it. Lets start with photos, because, well, that’s how Tinder works. NOBODY is swiping right based

110 Perfect Questions To Ask On A First Date

No points for guessing, but dating can be a serious affair – especially if it’s your first date. Getting into ‘chatting mode’ with a person you don’t know much can be awkward. And a first date is no casual interaction. It’s

10 New Dating Rules Every Man Should Know

As the clock ticks on, it’s not just the dates on your calendar that are changing. The world is evolving, and so is everything with it. Forget about being old fashioned and going Dutch – dating is not the same game

How To Make Your Woman Feel Special

Your wife is special and so is your girlfriend. This is what I always tell my friends and most of them agree with me. Now, some men are blessed with a special woman but do not know how to make her

How To Act On A First Date With A Girl

You smiled. You flirted. You complimented her. Now it’s all paid off. Congratulations! You landed the all-important first date. Now comes the real work! Dating can be difficult sometimes, no matter how much you like a particular girl. Not only are

Tips On How To Spark Attraction With A Woman

When it comes to men and women, how they engage with one another as well as how the relationship progresses will typically come down to just a couple of options. Of course, creating attraction in a woman is an important part

7 Simple And Effective Steps To Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Getting dumped can be a confusing experience where a part of you feels relieved that you are no longer in a relationship filled with anger, emotional outbursts, and recriminations even as another part wants you to move on to steps to

The Best Way To Approach Dating During Divorce

Frequently, for men, the debate about the repercussions of divorce center on the financial aspects, with regards to child support and alimony. Not enough is mentioned about the emotional impact it also has. Research shows that men are far more prone

How To Make A Woman Laugh And Win Her Over

Marilyn Monroe once said that, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything”. As science has come to find out, there is a lot of truth to this — women are suckers for funny people. In

Top 40 Romantic Songs Of All Time

Music is one of the most influential pieces of artwork that any person can have. It’s severely powerful as it has the ability to change moods in a brief amount of time. An upbeat song can lift someone’s spirit enough for