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good sex position

Tips to Last Longer In Bed

If you’re seeking a few last longer in bed tips you are not alone. A whopping 75% of men are unsatisfied with sexual performance and consistently seek tips to improve performance. It’s a common problem that can all but ruin a
woo a girl

Tips On How To Woo A Woman

With how fast paced the modern dating scene has become, it may seem difficult for many men to find women to date. Other times, and for whatever reasons, some men can feel nervous and unprepared. They will not know how to
sexual triggers to attract women

Sexual Triggers To Attract Women

It seems that women have it easy in the world of sex and dating. The sole sexual trigger for men seems to be “be an attractive woman”. Guys like us, however, have a little bit more work to do. If you
new relationship advice

Tips To Progress Your New Relationship In The Right Direction

Congratulations!  You have a new partner in crime!  You have found somebody who you are attracted to and enjoy spending time with.  What’s next?  Of course, you want this new relationship to progress and grow in the right direction.  That being
How To Approach A Woman

How To Approach A Woman

Most guys know that approaching women is not nearly as easy as they make it look in the movies and on TV. Let’s face it – does any woman ever say no to James Bond? However, for the rest of us,
signs of flirting

15 Signs of Flirting From Women

So let’s just say that you have been sitting on that bar stool for several hours now. You have been eyeing that beautiful lady from across the room and you have been mustering up the courage to buy her a drink
woman flirting

Should I Ask Her Out? – How To Tell If She’s Interested In You

It can often be surprisingly difficult to tell if a woman is really interested in you, and there are few things more embarrassing than asking her out and hearing a resounding no. Of course, it happens to the best of us,
why do good girls love bad boys

Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys?

It’s an age old story, the nasty guy always gets the girl. You’ve seen that bad boy charm in action in movies, books and it happens in real life, too. Just why do good girls love bad boys? There’s more to
french kissing tips

10 French Kissing Tips

Ah, the French kiss. The sport of experimenting teenagers and able adults everywhere. Adding the tongue to the kissing equation shouldn’t change things so much, but it does. If you want to improve your ability to wow the ladies with your
surprised girl

10 Cute Ways To Ask Out A Girl

If you are the type of guy who is a little shy about asking a girl out, you have definitely come to the right spot. We are all a little uncomfortable when it comes to asking someone on a date for