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How to Pick up Women with 5 Questions!

Pick up artist Neil Strauss explains how to pick up women with only 5 questions. In this video Neil explains in detail how the 5 question game works. This pick up strategy is one of the most effective ways to tease

Top 5 Most Famous And Recognized Pick Up Artists

The world of seduction is full of emerging trends when it comes to dating and getting the most beautiful, adorable and gorgeous beauties. There are many pick up artists who use language in clear eloquence and crafty manner to win the

Signs That She Is Not Into You

Women can be very confusing creatures. They sometimes will let you know that they are not interested in you, but other times they will give you subtle signs. Below are some of the signs she is not into you: She Fails

10 Useful First Date Tips For Men

When you are about to indulge in yet another first date, the usual nerves take hold, and you begin wondering how to act. The standard advice to be yourself and act positively do not always cut it. If you really want

The Tao of Badass PDF

The Alpha dog of the pack is its natural leader, running the show, making the best kills and standing tall above the rest. In the animal kingdom, he is the king of the pride—the majestic lion or the fierce tiger—he is

How To Make Your Relationship More Romantic

Everybody wants to be in a romantic relationship, but people too often just want it to happen without putting in the effort needed to make it happen. Making a relationship more romantic will take time, but I know firsthand that it

Jason Capital – How To Attract Women

Most men on planet earth want to be popular with ladies. Many guys out there would also give a lot to attract beautiful women. This is not surprising because being a ladies’ man is great for you. It improves your self

The Best Places to go on a First Date

These days, the first date has morphed into an entirely different concept from what it used to be. With Tinder having gone mainstream, most people meeting up for first dates have only seen each other through Facebook photos and a limited

An Idiot’s Guide To Sending Flowers

Most men are clueless when it comes to picking out the perfect bouquet to impress their significant others. Often, they choose the safest choice by buying a dozen roses. Recent consumer research proves that the answer to making a perfect and

How To Ask a Girl For Her Phone Number? Use Your Fame!

How to ask a girl for her phone number you might wonder? Simple, use your fame! These two YouTubers prove that you can get almost any girl’s phone number as long as you’re famous or at least pretend to be famous.