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The Top Two Girlie Man Mistakes To Avoid

Anybody who has ever had any trouble with women knows that there are some mistakes that should just be naturally avoided. Seeming overeager or even taking too much time to approach someone who catches your eye is always a problem. However,

How Men Can Win At Online Dating

As the popularity of online dating continues to grow, the competition can seem like you’re not so much running a race but wasting time on the treadmill. And your shoes are untied. And the gym’s closed. With some effort and a

How To Flirt With A Sensitive Girl

Although you may think of yourself as a flirting expert, it is quite likely that your experiences have been with jovial and outgoing girls. Flirting is a very playful act; therefore, it is inherently more challenging to flirt with a girl

3 Mistakes That Lead to the Friend Zone

If you constantly end up in the friend zone with girls then you really must watch this video. In this video Bobby Rio and Rob Judge discuss 3 toxic mistakes that lead you right into the friend zone. Stop making the

What You Are Doing Wrong With The Ladies

Have you always got issues when it comes to women? If so, you are doing things the wrong way! No need to worry though because you are about to find out how to solve this problem forever. Here is a breakdown

How To Raise Your Status Around Girls

When you think about a person’s “status”, a lot of things may come to mind. You may imagine a guy with a nice car, driving around with beautiful, well dressed women. When you are at the club, you see the guys

Are These 7 Behaviors Secretly Killing Your Game?

There is a way to get the girl that you dream of being with instead of the somewhat irritating and slightly chubby girl you settle for. Guys all want to be attractive to girls, but here’s a secret I guess you

What To Wear To The Bar

Whenever you plan on enjoying a trip to your local bar, one of the most important things that you have to do is dress the right way. It still amazes me that so many men think about wearing a suit or

How To Make Her Fall In Love With You

Some men may think that there is a trick to learning how to talk to girls, but the truth is that it can be as easy as saying hi. That is my one proven pick up line: no rehearsed stories, no

How To Get Laid On The First Date

Learning how to get laid on the first date is something that every guy should aspire to do. Anyone who has ever gone out with a woman after meeting her online knows how frustrating it can turn out to be. After