The Best Relationship Advice There Is: Be Less Needy!

No More Mr. Nice Guy

mr nice guyIf you always appear needy when talking to a girl, your in for a rough time. Keep reading because they can smell it a MILE away!

Guys, girls want challenge! They want to get what they cannot have (and so do you), therefore if you are always putting that Mr. Nice Guy look complete with a fake smile, when talking to girls, your going to get walked all over in the dating game. Watch as the players take the hottest girls and your all scoffing the dirt wondering why.

And you will be asking yourself: what did he say that was so special that made that girl fall for him?

To figure out what players are doing, head to the resource section. But keep reading to find out an easy first step to make yourself more desirable on the dating market.


Do Not Be Quick To Take the Bait

Do you ever loose interest after you get the girl? Is the girl slightly less appealing? (The answer is yes). Now flip the tables! You too can be a winner, in the eyes of any hot girl. After she has dropped her bait in the water and she is busy fishing, don’t be too quick to take the bait because she will be watching out how fast you bite. If your an easy catch, you can guarantee yourself that you have lost your allure in her eyes.

She is not looking for an easy catch, she wants a guy who knows how to play the game, someone that will give her some challenge, a guy who will send her panting and make her to fall heads over heels in love.

It all starts with the first conversation. This is when she drops her bait. You have to realize that when you are talking to a girl, she is busy fishing. She is looking for ways she can throw you off your game.

Unfortunately, most men make themselves an easy catch.


girl fishing

Here is the thing:

When you appear too interested, you ask too many questions, you compliment her the first chance you get and you let her take control of the conversation, you become an easy fish to catch. The neediness will cause alarm bells to ring in her head and in her crafty little mind filled with tricks she will be asking herself, “What is wrong with this guy?”

For you, after such an epic failure with a girl, the issue you should be pondering on is how to be less clingy to my girlfriend.

When a hot girl meets a guy who is not displaying neediness, she immediately freaks out. She is used to loads of attention, and if you seem not to giving her too much attention, she immediately tries to win you over. She will try harder and when a girl starts putting in a lot of effort, you can rest assured you have won the game.

To take your game to a completely new level, piss her off a little, this is what the players do. When she is in the middle of telling you something, change the subject of the conversation. If you can do it correctly, poke fun at her. Its called negging an it needs to be done in a playful manner if your going to make it work.

Don’t smile at everything she says, laugh at every joke, or agree with her every opinion. Create a challenge for her. This will win her attention big time and after some time you can convert this attention into sexual tension.

You’ve won her over, now what?

Be Less Clingy and Needy In the Relationship!
Toss away the Mr. Nice card and you start playing the game like a real player. Make her work for your attention. Don’t give her anything too easy, doormats are not real boyfriends!

While dating her, you might have perfectly hidden your possessive and neediness tendencies. The problem is that, you cannot hide these for long because once your are naturally needy the ghost of neediness will haunt most of your romantic relationships.

Neediness has its roots in childhood. If you were a reactive child or you were constantly under the shadow of your siblings because you were considered less attractive or smart, these psychological wounds can manifest in your adult life in the form of neediness.

Neediness can surely drive any girl away. If you are obsessed with every little mishap in your relationship and you always, feel this need to talk with your partner about everything and anything concerning the relationship, you need to reflect on how to be less clingy to your girlfriend and find a way to straighten issues before things seriously get out of hand.

Many guys do not know about how to become less needy in a relationship that is why they will watch as things go from bad to worse, and completely do nothing about remedying the situation.

It will all start after you have fallen in love with a girl.

guy being clingy

When the relationship is no longer “whirlwind romantic” as it used to be during the earlier days, you might start to feel that something is going wrong, that needy part of you may start creeping in, and you may even ask your girlfriend, “I feel as if you are not there for me.”

As you push your concerns, your girl may just tell you, “Do not worry dear, everything is fine.”

It is not bad to occasionally test the stability of your relationship by asking these questions. Things get ugly, when neediness takes over, and you start raising concerns even over trivial issues.

It will reach a point that your girlfriend will not continue tolerating your clingy dependency and she will start distancing you. At this point, it will be very clear that your possessiveness has started to hurt your relationship. If you continue clinging even harder instead of trying to find out about how to be less clingy to your girlfriend, you can easily drive your relationship over the cliff and that will be the end of it.

Neediness can trigger a sense of entitlement and it can make you to become self-righteous. You will start demanding an apology for even the smallest thing that goes wrong. At times, you just need to let her cool down by providing her some space and she may acknowledge what she did wrong and even apologize.

When you know her boundaries and you know the time to pull away and let her have some alone time, you can save a relationship from the worst-case scenario.

The fact that you are endowed with an anxious nature or your family has a history of neediness does not mean that all your relationships have to end because of your neediness problem. There is hope for you, you can regain control of your relationship even after your clinginess has turned your relationship into a complete mess.

If you want to save your relationship, you need to realize that your extreme possessiveness is doing more harm than good to your relationship. If your neediness is small and annoying, you have to learn some few tips about how to be less clingy to your girlfriend such as giving her some space and simply becoming an adult.

If your possessiveness threatens to tear your relationship apart, you need therapy. Seeking professional assistance before it is too late can save your relationship or marriage.

How To Lose a Guy in 10 DaysReal life relationships involving clinginess and neediness issues do not always have a happy ending like the movie, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. In this comedy film, Andie is making all the classic female mistakes including being needy because she wants to show how to drive any man away.

She is dating Benjamin whose secret goal is to prove how to fall in love with any woman you want. Andie turns out to be the clingiest girlfriend that Benjamin has ever had because she is possessive, sensitive, she is constantly interfering with boy’s night out and is constantly calling Ben.

This strains the relationship but Ben wants to win his bet therefore he is forced to deal with Andie’s clinginess. The movie ends at a happy note when the two eventually open up about their secret bets. The turning point of the movie is when Andie & Ben meet a relationship therapist who advices them to meet each other’s family. This builds a real bond as the two grew vulnerable to each other and eventually a genuine relationship crops up.

Lessons from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, can be applied in real life. The lesson about vulnerability is a vital one. There has to be a power dynamic that is less or more equal. Most importantly, both partners must count on each other, if the relationship is to work.

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