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Jason Capital – How To Attract Women

Most men on planet earth want to be popular with ladies. Many guys out there would also give a lot to attract beautiful women. This is not surprising because being a ladies’ man is great for you. It improves your self

How To Ask a Girl For Her Phone Number? Use Your Fame!

How to ask a girl for her phone number you might wonder? Simple, use your fame! These two YouTubers prove that you can get almost any girl’s phone number as long as you’re famous or at least pretend to be famous.

10 Sure Signs A Shy Girl Likes You

How can you know for sure if a girl likes you? As a man, are there signs that you can read to figure out if a girl is really interested? While girls will remain hard to read for most men, there

Jason Capital’s Honey Trick

Jason Capital is the author of the popular Make Women Want You system. Jason walks his talk and lives a life that would make many men envious as you can see on his personal website. What’s the Honey Trick? For that

What It Takes To Be An Alpha Male

The qualities of an alpha male can be a difficult area for men to understand as they battle to find a way forward amongst the female of the species and this confusion can start way back in school. Why was it

5 Steps To Meeting And Attracting Beautiful Women

Have you ever had the idea that there is no way on earth that you could be good at attracting women? I think that there is a time in every guys life, even the hot ones, when this thought has crossed
how to be a player

Tips On How To Be A Player

At one point or another, every guy has the desire to be a player.  All guys want the ability to get any girl that he dreams about.  There are a number of guys who have the capacity to do this effortlessly,
girl not texting back

Your Girl Not Texting Back? Here’s Your Guide To Survive!

Before cell phones and the Internet, a guy who sent a note to a girl would worry like this—Why isn’t she replying? Did I come across as a creepy and needy guy? Do I write another note? Or maybe I am
pickup line

Learn The Best Pickup Lines And Practice Them Today

Sometimes, what is needed is a good laugh to break the ice when you approach someone you would like to get to know. A good way in which to do this is use a pickup line. There are so many different
hot girl with older man

How To Attract Younger Women

Attraction is one of the most fundamental and basic emotions present in human beings. We spend our entire lives being attraction to people, things, and even thoughts and concepts. To know that someone is attracted to you is a very special