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Top 7 High School Dating Tips

Dating in high school is a tricky subject because high school students are underage and there are many fun things they are not allowed to engage in, including; engaging in sexual acts and alcohol consumption. Dating in high school, however, is

Things To Consider In Getting Back Together With An Ex

When my ex and I broke up, we decided that we would remain friends. After all, we were friends before we started dating. We did not make any conscious effort to make a change in our usual routine when we were

Online Dating & Flirting Tips For Men

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people and explore romantic possibilities at just about any point in your life. It is fast, easy, and, on some websites, completely free. However, a lot of men have trouble figuring

How Success with Women Changes Your Life in General

When I decided to learn how to seduce women I had no idea that this simple decision had such a major impact on my life. When I made the decision to overcome my fears of women and to approach them in

Dating Tips For Introverted Guys

Pop quiz! Do people tell you that you need to be more outgoing and sociable to meet women? Do people tell you that you’re a good listener? Do you hate going to noisy, crowded clubs? Do you hate going to parties?

What To Do When She Doesn’t Respond?

It is a horrible feeling when you are interested in a lady and she does not respond to you. Knowing what to do when she doesn’t respond can make all the difference in the world. It is just a terrible feeling

Cool Tips To Get Better With Women

If you’re one of those guys who spend an awful lot of time wondering how to get better with women, you probably also read a great deal about tips to overcome anxiety and use the best pickups lines. Such tips are

5 First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid

Lots of guys think that once she agrees to go on a date, all the hard work is done. Wrong! When she agrees to go out with you, she is only looking for an opportunity to size you up. If you

Few Tips to Make it On The NYC Dating Scene

New York City Dating is different. That’s the least you can say. Undoubtedly, NYC is THE Outsider US City within the USA. Vibrant, energetic and exciting, it is one of the best city to find a date but also one of

Manly Habits That Turn Women On

There is a question that has been asked for centuries, what do women really want? Others include – what do they really look for in a life partner? What makes them tick? Well, the answers to these questions are simple, but