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The Flow State: How To Gain Confidence When You Go Out

The Power of Flow States   In flow, the part of your brain that makes you feel self-doubt and insecurity literally shuts off. Normally you might see an attractive girl and think, She’ll probably reject me. She’s with her friends, I

20 Legit (And Cheap) Summertime Dates That Don’t Suck

Summer is here and its time to bust out of your winter funk! If your like me and like to date inexpensively, I have made a list for you! While we can easily spend $100 on a bartab in any given

How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is super important for muscle growth, fat loss and a number of other physiological processes such as your mood. The normal range for men is between about 250-1000 ng/dL, while free testosterone is usually 2-3% of this. Keeping your test naturally

Quick Steps To Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is a key factor in not just picking up women, but in your relationships with others, and most importantly, yourself. Being confident it one of the easiest things to change about yourself! Below you will find 9 simple “hacks” you

A Cheat Guide To Women’s Tests

Testing happens every day. It happens in your office, it happens at the bar, it happens with girls. This is an introduction to what I refer to as the “Shit Test”. It is a social device employed by women (and men)

Texting Mistakes That You’re Making Right Now

As many of us are home for the holidays and away from our love interests, I thought this was a great time to revisit the subject of texting. Texting should be done sparingly for a number of reasons – You look to

What To Do When She Says “I Have A Boyfriend”

If you have been out on the scene, trying to pick up girls, you may have heard the phrase, “I have a boyfriend“, more than once. When most men hear this phrase, they immediately retreat. Most men take this as a

Why You Suck At Tinder: Part I

I hear a lot of guys complain that Tinder is to difficult for the average guy. Guess what? It isn’t – you just suck at it. Lets start with photos, because, well, that’s how Tinder works. NOBODY is swiping right based

110 Perfect Questions To Ask On A First Date

No points for guessing, but dating can be a serious affair – especially if it’s your first date. Getting into ‘chatting mode’ with a person you don’t know much can be awkward. And a first date is no casual interaction. It’s

10 New Dating Rules Every Man Should Know

As the clock ticks on, it’s not just the dates on your calendar that are changing. The world is evolving, and so is everything with it. Forget about being old fashioned and going Dutch – dating is not the same game