Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy Review

make small talk sexySo you see this beautiful lady nursing a drink alone by the bar. You think about approaching her but you suddenly become nervous. What are you going to say?

Are you going to end up making a complete fool of yourself? If you have always had problems striking up a conversation with women, it might be high time for you to get some help from the experts.

Earlier this year, relationship expert Bobby Rio launched his highly acclaimed product called Make Small Talk Sexy. It is the goal of Bobby Rio to provide men with the right tools to create smart, engaging and fun conversations so that men like you can always feel confident when talking to women.

What is included in the Make Small Talk Sexy package?

The entire course is made up of 8 audio lessons that are about an hour long each. There is more than enough content to equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to become great at conversing with women. In the first lesson, Bobby Rio will teach you how to become a good conversationalist.

The next few audio lessons include techniques on how to keep the conversation flowing and how to avoid the dreaded “dead air” during a first date. Apart from the 8 lessons, the package also includes several bonuses such as:

  • Conversation Steroids: Provides you with a list of 12 interesting topics that are almost always good to use during first dates.
  • Alpha Attitude: An hour long Power Point presentation on the kind of attitude and mindset that is attractive to women.
  • Interviews with dating coaches Rob Judge and Jon Sinn

How can the course help you become successful in the dating scene?

make small talk sexy bannerAccording to Rio, the tendency of most men like you is to look for signs that a women is not interested in making small talk with you. You then use this as an excuse to eject yourself from the interaction.

However, you need to remember that it is difficult to read women’s signs and more often than not, they are not going to give any sign at all. This is why you need the right tools and techniques to lead the conversation forward.

You need to shoulder the responsibility of escalating the small talk into a deeper, more engaging conversation. From storytelling, to bringing value and having intent in conversations, to tips, practical advice, situational analysis and more, you are going to learn a lot from this course.

What are some of the pros and cons of the course?



  • Contains a lot of practical and easy-to-follow techniques on how to become a better conversationalist.
  • Teaches men foundational principles that you can use in different situations instead of lines that you need to memorize.
  • Gives great value for your money since it is jam packed with useful content.



  • There are some tips and pieces of advice that are too biased to the author’s style and personality.
  • Some of the tips may not apply to all men because each person has his own unique personality.
Make Small Talk Sexy Review
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The "How To Make Small Talk Sexy" program is extremely useful if you want to become more successful at carrying conversations with the opposite sex.

You do not have to follow every piece of advice that you come across. You simply have to incorporate these lessons into your own dating style and personality.

Try to apply and practice the lessons that Bobby Rio teaches you and before you know it, you will become the type of man that can easily engage women in funny and smart conversations that will eventually win them over.

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