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Guide to better 1 on 1 conversations with girls

While there are plenty of articles around Dating Advice For Guys on tips to build your conversation game, we haven’t had one around the mechanics of conversation. That is, your posture, the tone of your speech and what to do with

How To Talk To Everyone You See

Learning to talk to everyone was the BEST thing that happened to my dating life. On the one hand it made me more outgoing, and the other, gave me the confidence to talk to girls when it mattered.   So…How to

Examples of Tests From Women And How To Respond

In DatingAdviceForGuys.Com, last article, A Cheat Guide To Womens Tests, we did an introduction to the kinds of tests that you may be presented with during dating and the purpose they serve. In order to get a better idea on how

Why You Suck At Tinder: Part II

If you’ve read our part I series of Why You Suck At Tinder: Part I your starting to get some more matches. Today I’m going to detail how to turn those matches your getting into phone numbers. So I have spent

PUA Openers: Never Use A Pickup Line Again

It’s no secret, getting somewhere with a beautiful woman can be difficult. In picking up women, the absolute most important part is your initial approach. Your approach sets the stage for the entire rest of your encounter with her. In fact,

How To Talk To A Girl On Facebook That You’ve Never Met

I know what you are thinking: girls, women are very complicated creatures. So complicated, in fact that walking on hot coals would be much easier than getting up the nerve to talk to them, especially the ones you’ve never met in

Good Openers When Approaching Women

Every guy understands the value of a good pickup line. After years of shoving my foot into my mouth while trying to talk to a gorgeous woman, I decided to learn about pickup lines that work. It changed my life. Before

How NOT to Speak to Women

Would you like to know what makes a girl run away? I’m willing to bet that you do. This way, you can experience more success in your romantic endeavors. Understanding the female mind is crucial, if you want to get a

How To Get Hotter Girls

Getting hotter girls is more about technique and mindset than it is your looks or social status. You don’t need to have a magical spell to make hotter girls fall in love with you, but it helps tip the scales in

3 Reasons She Will Reject You Immediately

There are more rules to dating than most men realize. It is much more than flirting, planning the perfect first date, and executing the date perfectly. Just meeting a woman consists of a great deal of rules. You may go up