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A beautiful couple sharing their compassion to each other on heavy rain.

10 Rainy Date Ideas!

With all of the rain in Los Angeles recently, I decided to write an article on rainy
Guy pulls up weights with one arm.

Step 1: Lift

If I can tell anyone one piece of advice for life, its to lift. A good body

What Attracts A Woman Most To A Man

One question that I am frequently asked is: what attracts a woman most to a man? Some

3 Reasons She Will Reject You Immediately

There are more rules to dating than most men realize. It is much more than flirting, planning

8 Things That Turn Her On

If you are trying to better understand women and what turns them on, then you aren’t alone.

Body Language That Attracts Women

Communication is, without a doubt the biggest factor when it comes to approaching and attracting women. Well,

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The Flow State: How To Gain Confidence When You Go Out

The Power of Flow States   In flow, the part of your brain that makes you feel self-doubt and insecurity literally shuts off. Normally you might see an attractive girl and think, She’ll probably reject me. She’s with her friends, I

20 Legit (And Cheap) Summertime Dates That Don’t Suck

Summer is here and its time to bust out of your winter funk! If your like me and like to date inexpensively, I have made a list for you! While we can easily spend $100 on a bartab in any given

How A Male Should Masturbate

MASTURBATION! There. I said it. While quite the taboo subject, masturbation is the cause (or lack thereof) of many common problems that men have including those men who are desensitized, cum too quickly during sex, or have trouble getting or maintaining

How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is super important for muscle growth, fat loss and a number of other physiological processes such as your mood. The normal range for men is between about 250-1000 ng/dL, while free testosterone is usually 2-3% of this. Keeping your test naturally

5 Tips To Increase Your Intimacy Game

I wanted to share a few tips that can help take your intimacy game to the next level. A large part of intimacy is mental, and many of these tips are rooted in stimulating the mental game to make your physical

Quick Steps To Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is a key factor in not just picking up women, but in your relationships with others, and most importantly, yourself. Being confident it one of the easiest things to change about yourself! Below you will find 9 simple “hacks” you

How To Flirt With Women

Talking to strangers is pretty difficult. Asking for directions can be unnerving, let alone talking to a beautiful girl. There are a lot of people who do not know how to flirt properly or just do it all. They also do

Guide to better 1 on 1 conversations with girls

While there are plenty of articles around Dating Advice For Guys on tips to build your conversation game, we haven’t had one around the mechanics of conversation. That is, your posture, the tone of your speech and what to do with

The Power Of Habit & How To Create Positive Habits In Your Life

DatingAdviceForGuys.Com isn’t just about picking up girls, it’s about being the best man that you can be (synonymous to being the best best person to date). Don’t expect to date a 10 if your not a 10. We wanted to post

Get A Dog

If you want a friend, get a dog. If you want loyalty, get a dog. If you want a chick magnet, get a dog. Just get a dog. I adopted my little girl almost 5 years ago and I literally cannot


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